You don't have to live with
Urinary Incontinence (UI) any longer!

New ESWT therapy improves quality of life
for women with UI.


Urinary Incontinence and
it’s impact on women’s Quality of Life:

18 million Women in the US suffer from urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control*. While this condition’s symptoms range from mild and occasional leaking, to frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom, the impact on quality of life can be substantial.


Disruptions or limits to daily routine including going outdoors, exercise, clothing choices, and sexual intimacy


Potential embarrassment in the presence of peers contributes to sick days and loss of work


Avoiding activities with friends or family out of fear of an episode, feelings of rejection, social isolation, and problems with body image


A loss of independence & self esteem, includes risk of depression

*National Association for Continence

Introducing RegenePulse for Women,
a completely non-invasive, therapy to alleviate symptoms of Urinary Incontinence.

EWST, the science behind RegenePulse for Urinary Incontinence, has been used throughout the world safely & effectively in fields ranging from Orthopedics for soft tissue conditions to Urology for breaking up kidney stones and erectile dysfunction or E.D.. These uses have been documented in hundreds of published studies demonstrating the efficacy & safety for many different conditions throughout the world, including Urinary Incontinence.

Specific to Urinary Incontinence, a recent study reported
significant improvements and found that ESWT treatment delivered meaningful improvement in key aspects of UI.

The study concluded that treatment with ESWT showed an astonishing (90%) reduction in urine leakage, and significant improvements in urgency (60%), nocturia (34%) and a 74% improvement in the quality of life.

*4 weeks after the end of treatment protocol which lasts 8 weeks, or a total of 12 weeks from the start of therapy

RegenePulse can change your life.
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